Our Services

Our Service


Chandelier Cleaning

No more dirty and dull with our cleaning service, for Chandeliers that has been hanging in your house for long.

เปลี่ยนอะไหล่, ล้างโคมไฟ

Changing spare parts

Chandeliers that has been brought from us, we have spare parts in case something happens to your chandelier.

ก่อนติดตั้ง, ล้างโคมไฟ

Sample picture Service

We can show you how will the chandelier look in your home, to help you decide better which would fit best.


Installation and Delivery

All our products are ready to deliver to your house, you just need to inform us the date and location.

ประเมินหน้างาน, ล้างโคมไฟ

On site job evaluation

If you’re not sure about installation area. We have a specialist team that can go to your house to analyze and help you.

ให้คำปรึกษา, ล้างโคมไฟ


Free consultant service, take care of your Chandelier from our expert team that has been helping our customers for more than 20 years


Why Us?

We realize that you are not just our customer but you are a part of our family. For the past 30 years we take pride in our after sales service and other additional service along with selling chandeliers and furnitures. We aim to reduce our customer’s burdens and want to make sure that we can take care of our customer in all aspects. In this busy world we aim to make life easier and more convenient for our customers.

Now we have 10 branches in different department stores around Thailand and 2 main shop which is:

Crystal Symphony Thonglor
Crystal Symphony Siam Paragon

How to Ask for Services


1. Call Us

Tell us about the services you need by phone, email or Line@.


2. Send Details

Customer send us the details such as pictures of the Chandelier, size and so on through our email or Line@.


3. Estimate

Our team will analyse and estimate the cost of service within 1 working day.


4. Send Quotation

We will send you a quotation through the discussed channel.